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5 Ways for Varicose Veins Prevention

Like many other diseases, Varicose veins develop from the combination of genetic predisposition and lifestyle factors. You can’t be sure by a full-proof way that you will never suffer from varicose veins, however, there are some practices which if you adopt will help in preventing and delaying the varicose veins. The factors which are out of your control and that triggers varicose veins are:

  • Genetic Factors
  • Age
  • Pregnancy

Here are 5 ways for varicose vein prevention that can help:

  1. Use Compression Garments:

Using compression garments daily can really help in varicose vein prevention. The type of these compression stocking is as per your prescription. There is a great difference in the symptoms well-being while using the compression garments.

It is not sure that these garments will completely get rid of the varicose veins as it is a genetic disease, but however, these can really slow down the progress of this venous disease. Plus, they give relief from the unwanted sensations linked with this disease such as itching, burning, and discomfort.

  1. Avoid Prolong Standing or Sitting:

If your lifestyle includes sitting or standing for long durations, then try to take a gap from that position as this can be really harmful to the health of veins. But why?

Because sitting cross-legged or standing for a long duration makes the blood to pool in your legs and make the veins harder.

Tips:  Don’t sit cross-legged for a longer duration. Change your position every hour, like sit down if you are standing, and elevate your legs, this will definitely help in varicose veins prevention.

  1. Proper diet:

Make a proper fitness routine and maintain a healthy diet. Try to make yourself fit as much as possible. Extra weight increases the strain on your veins which in turn increases the chances of this disease. Do jogging and walking several times in a week, which will keep your leg muscles healthy for pumping the blood back to the heart, and will help in varicose veins prevention.

  1. Sleeping positions in pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the major factors of the varicose veins. While being pregnant, try to sleep on the left side as it prevents varicose from forming. This also minimizes the pressure from the uterus on the pelvic veins area.

  1. Consult a varicose veins specialist:

You can also consult a specialist, he will be able to examine to know the underlying venous problems.

How to choose a varicose veins specialist?

You can either consult your family doctor, he will refer you a varicose veins specialist or you can search on Google using the phrases like “Varicose Veins specialist in the city.