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Facts and Myths related to Varicose Vein Disease

There are various myths related to Varicose Vein in the mind of common people which worsen the disease among them. Dr. Rajendra Bansal Varicose Veins Specialist in Jaipur describe below myths related to Varicose Vein and actual Facts related to them which help them in curing disease and lives a Healthy Life.

Myth: Varicose Vein occur only in Women

Fact-  Varicose Veins are mostly found in ladies, but men are also affected by this disease. Around one-fourth of mature ladies are experiencing problems related to varicose veins, while 10-15 % of men are affected by this disease.

Myth: Only Elder persons are affected by Varicose Vein

Fact- Risk of Varicose vein disease increases with the growing age but young people can also get affected it.

Myth: Running can cause varicose veins

Fact-  Exercise is good for the circulation of blood either it is running or any other kind of exercise. It is only a myth  that running is the cause of Varicose Vein Problem

Myth: Varicose veins are only a Cosmetic Issue

Fact- Symptoms like bleeding, discoloration of the skin may occur due to Varicose Veins which are not so common, along with cramping and swelling of legs. So, treatment is necessary for Varicose Veins like any other disease because you never know when this disease becomes a nightmare for you.

Myth: Varicose Veins are always visible

Fact- In a large number of cases Varicose Veins are visible but if they are in the deeper section of your body, you are not able to see.

Myth: Standing Job cause Varicose Veins

Fact- It is not necessary that if you are doing a standing job like teaching or as a flight attendant, then you will suffer from varicose veins. There may be a chance that you may be a victim of Varicose Vein. Research is going on whether it is the cause or work as a catalyst in showing symptoms of Varicose Veins.

Myth: Lifestyle changes will not help you in Varicose Vein Disease

Fact-  If you opt active lifestyle and start doing exercise regularly then it can helpful for you. Obesity worsens Varicose Veins disease while keeping a healthy weight, wearing compression stocking helps you a lot.

Myth: Only Surgery is a treatment for Varicose veins Disease

Fact- Earlier the only available treatment for Varicose Vein was Surgical Stripping of affected vein from the body. But now a number of options are available such as EVLT, RFA, MOCA which are less critical to the patient and have minimal recovery time.

Myth: It is difficult to recover after varicose vein treatment

Fact- New Medical Treatment of Varicose Vein have much less recovery time. Patients can return in daily life within the same day after treatment.